HR Business Consulting

KABO Solutions HR Business Consulting focuses on optimisation of HR services including cost reduction in an effort to improve the performance of HR and achieve target objectives. We provide you with the following:

  • A committed approach to HR and all-inclusive partner for HR service delivery solutions
  • A focused end-to-end service delivery including our role-activity mapping
  • An accelerated, cost-effective project delivery approach with standard tools & templates
  • A combined skill sets and expertise provided by consultants in HR and IT
  • Customized solutions regarding geographical and functional scope, organizational reality and service volume

HR Business Outsourcing

HRO (sometimes referred to as HR BPO) is a great option for enhancing your company’s human resources cost-effectiveness, competence, and capability. Administrative overload is a major problem with understaffed departments. In addition, legislative compliance, multi-country payroll generation and similar complexities have caused serious company challenges.

This is where outsourcing comes in. It provides an avenue for reforming your HR departments; while keeping the recurrent operational costs low. KABO Solutions provides its experience in integrated human resource systems for outsourced applications and environments. Therefore, consider us for your HR outsourcing solutions including for global multi-process, multi-country payroll and local payroll needs.

Consider some of our services:

  1. HR BPO – Our services encompass all human resources duties and processes and service delivery. This is inclusive of Tier 1 contact centre services and infrastructure management.
  2. Application Maintenance Outsourcing – Our services also include taking over HCM applications. This translates to risk transference from the company to us as well as a cost reduction.
  3. Global HR Delivery Centres – KABO Solutions’ global network guarantees total HR process coverage at all times and in all languages.

We are 100% committed to providing service delivery excellence. We have more than ten years of outsourcing experience and have developed highly efficient technology, processes, best practices and people. Consequently, KABO Solutions can offer a spectrum of HR business process outsourcing (HR BPO) solutions. These solutions are compatible with any company and scenario and are made available via a 3-tiered delivery model.

Furthermore we provide On Demand functionalities; standard processing (ASP) and over managed services; administrative and enabling human resources (e.g. data entry, payroll); talent management (e.g. recruitment, performance management) and other similar HR processes.

Application Maintenance Outsourcing

Companies using HR Information Systems are constantly searching for more innovative ways of improving performance applications, updating legislative compliance reports, and minimising application maintenance costs. At the same time, such companies understand frequent application maintenance and upgrades are necessary to keep up with their evolving markets and stay compliant with new social and legal directives and regulations.

KABO Solutions also appreciates the need for cost effective application maintenance and upgrades. Our experts have managed our clients’ ERP application maintenance and are committed to providing quality and cost efficient monitoring of your HR Information Systems. When our clients outsource their HR and Payroll application management to us, they reduce total cost of ownership as well as transfer the associated risks.

HR Business Process Outsourcing

‘Lean thinking’ and similar business strategies are becoming increasingly popular as companies try to shed their peripheral processes and focus more on their core business. As a result, HR administration, payroll, recruitment, and similar functions are outsourced to external experts. Companies that outsource such processes become more agile and innovative in their respective sector while saving operational costs.

KABO Solutions offers human resource outsourcing solutions in several domains. We cater to payroll processing, administrative requests and overall outsourcing of the global IT infrastructure for a company’s HR department. We also provide pure technology outsourcing, complete back-office HR services such as contact centres and complete service centres.

Our outsourcing solutions are categorised under the following domains:

  • Outsourced HR information systems
  • Outsourced multi-country Payroll
  • Outsourced Talent management solutions
  • Outsourced Learning solutions
  • Outsourced Recruitment solutions (RPO)

Through these domains, we are committed to providing solution design, delivery and management support to ensure you have updated BPO services to achieve your strategic objectives.

HR Analytics & Reporting

Business intelligence (BI) solutions in the HR environment will provide your company with strategic, analytical data to make more informed business decisions. We, at KABO Solutions, have a detailed understanding of HR business critical indicators. And with more than 30 highly skilled HR BI consultants, we are competent and capable of providing you with the right tools and solutions. Our consultants are experts in multiple platforms including SAP BI, Business Objects, Cognos, Enterprise Insight, Microsoft, and SAS. In addition we offer and integrate BI tools from these multiple providers based on the following tested and proven methodology:

  1. Strategic Reporting – Are your managers aware that workforce capabilities and behaviours influence strategy execution?
  2. Operational Reporting – Have you identified and collected the most appropriate metrics for strategic workforce capabilities and workforce success?
  3. Tactical Reporting – Are you managers motivated, capable and have access to use this data to effectively communicate strategic intent? Are they able to monitor the company’s progress towards strategy execution?
  4. Service Delivery Reporting – Do you know the true performance of your company?

KABO Solutions has been in long partnership relationship with SAP. As a result, our experts have a deep knowledge of SAP ERP and SAP business warehouses and so are able to easily analyse, transform, export and report all your HR related information.