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Whether you are addressing an SAP break/fix issue your internal staff cannot resolve, evaluating/planning the implementation of a new module, developing your long-term SAP strategy or need a little support in niche SAP expertise areas, having access to a Senior level SAP Consultant with no contractual time commitments can make all the difference in your success and your budget. Getting this type of assistance can be an arduous task because most consulting firms cannot or will not provide these short-term services given the lack of revenue potential or you may be unable to get a timely response. KABO provides spot consulting services to its clients that want a relationship with an SAP Partner and need access to SAP Subject Matter Experts.

Dependable Basis, Portal & Security Support

An increasing number of SAP Customers choose to outsource all or a portion of their Basis and Security support to reduce their costs and/or provide more consistent SAP support across their organization. KABO tailors support plans to meet your Basis or Security support needs without locking you into pre-defined plans forcing you to buy services you do not need. Our Senior Basis Administrators & Security Consultants provide turn-key remote support delivering reliable services at value pricing.

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